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About Me

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Jimmy (JJ) Bartley is described as a musical maverick whose compositions transcend genres and ensembles, from the grandeur of orchestras to the rhythmic pulse of percussion and wind bands, even down to the intimate harmonies of woodwind quintets. With a reputation for pushing boundaries, his works have resonated with university musicians across multiple states, captivating audiences from Texas and Louisiana to Massachusetts.


JJ’s musical journey has been enriched by attending workshops, including the prestigious Longy’s Divergent Summer Workshop, where he continues to hone his craft. With years of experience as both an educator and performer, his compositions reflect his distinctive approach and magnetic personality, making for captivating and unforgettable musical experiences.


Beyond his talent as a composer, JJ thrives as a versatile media composer, collaborating with numerous filmmakers to seamlessly match music to the drama and visual content on screen. From miniseries to short and feature length films, his gift for enhancing storytelling through his musical prowess sets him apart in this field.

When he’s not immersed in the world of composition, JJ finds solace and inspiration in his diverse range of hobbies. He finds joy in immersing himself in cinematic experiences, playing video games that fuel his imagination, and reconnecting with nature through canoeing and hiking adventures. These endeavors further fuel his creativity, lending depth and richness to his compositions.


A proud graduate of McNeese State University, JJ’s thirst for knowledge and growth continues as he currently serves as a graduate assistant in Theory and Composition at Stephen F. Austin State University. This dual role allows him to both share his expertise with aspiring musicians and further refine his own compositional techniques.

Jimmy (JJ) Bartley is an artistic force, pushing boundaries in the world of music composition and weaving enchanting melodies that leave a lasting impression. With his magnetic personality and dynamic approach, he captures the hearts of audiences and immerses them in the emotive power of his music.

Want to commission your own piece?

Reach out to me and I would be happy to discuss opportunities with you!

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